My work:

Motion to Resist, a podcast by the National Lawyers Guild (co-founded, formerly written and hosted by myself)

Finance Is Eating Itself (23 April 2017)
The “Golden Age of Capitalism” Was an Era of Racism and Secret Coups (8 August 2016)
How the Trans Murder Spectacle Perpetuates Myths About Justice
(13 April 2016)
Is Bernie Sanders Dangerous to Socialism? (28 October 2015)
What Makes Women’s Studies? (12 June 2015)
Trans Women Are Not Agents of the Patriarchy (18 February 2015)
Fear of a Trans College (17 October 2014)
Can the Subaltern Catcall? (14 October 2014)
Criminal, Victim, or Worker?: The Effects of New York’s Human Trafficking Intervention Courts on Adults Charged with Prostitution-Related Offenses (23 September 2014)
How to Break Pride (22 June 2014)
A Tidal Wave, Not A Fire Hose: Access To Condoms In New York (20 June 2014)
“The Higher End of the Community”: John Scarpa and Solidarity (18 December 2013)
Who Gets Left Out: Respectability Politics Round Table, Part One (30 September 2013) Part Two (1 October 2013)
It’s Not Okay: Intimate Partner Violence in Radical Queer Spaces (8 May 2013)
Condoms as Evidence: Terrible for Sex Workers, Terrible for Public Health (8 March 2013)

Example of a press release I co-authored


Work which features me and interviews:

Interview on Discourse Collective (12 December 2017)
Interview on Supreme Leap Forward
(July 2017)
Transgender Lawyers, Law Students Share Personal Stories in SCOTUS Brief (7 March 2016)
Transgender Wiki
(15 May 2016)
CUNY Students Speak Out (4 March 2016)
The Rejection of Syrian Refugees Isn’t About Security — It’s About Austerity. (19 November 2015)
Sanders, Socialism, and Skeptics (2 November 2015)
NYC Feminist Zine Fest (5 March 2015)
Queering Abolition (5 February 2015)
Oprah-Themed Ebola ‘Dance Party’ Gets Smackdown (27 October 2014)
Searching for a Better Justice: A Statement on the Latest Transphobic Violence in Brooklyn (16 October 2014)
Talking About Sex Work (1 September 2014)
NYPD limits use of condoms seized from sex workers as evidence (12 May 2014)
Sex Work and the Web (1 May 2014)
LectureHop: Sex Workers’ Rights are Trans Rights (9 March 2014)
Hoax #9 (September 2013)
William & Mary Prepares for First Annual Pride Festival (9 April 2012)